DirectSmile Cross Media 7

Cross Media 7
Drive high margin business by offering marketing services for self-execution
Version 7 of DirectSmile Cross Media enables you to engage with your customers on a completely new level. Now you can create and offer Marketing Portals with ready-made campaigns or print-on-demand applications.

Easy Creation

Create Portals with cross media templates integrating web, email, social, mobile and print for repetitive runs.

Easy Offering

Offer your clients a fast and easy way to customize and execute sophisticated campaigns or applications.

Easy Business

Increase business without increasing your workforce by selling services that your competitors don't offer.

Main features at a glance

Centralized Creation - Create and host apps and campaigns for repetitive runs

Customizable Layouts - Deliver personalized and customizable marketing materials

Brand Consistency - Ensure brand consistency by locking critical design elements

Localized Execution - Allow clients to customize and run your services 24/7 on-demand

Contact Management - Each user can easily upload, manage and filter his own contact list

Real-Time Analytics - Everyone will have an overview of running campaigns

You want to know more?

Why using Marketing Portals?

You will get more print volume and higher margins by offering cross media as a service
Offer a faster campaign turnaround time to your customers
Less cost for layout adoption, data handling or campaign execution through self-service
Personalization across all channels made easy
Real time analytics are provided out of the box

By the way...

Did you know 55% of all print buyers want their printers to help them with cross media marketing services? Take a look at many more facts about cross media and the printing industry here.

Awards 2015

Also in 2015 EFI DirectSmile received recognition as a market leader offering the best cross media marketing solutions.

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